Saturday, November 5, 2011

Still not dead ...

So i finally managed to care for my pet project again.
I first had to take a good look at the data structure and decided that it needed some modifications.
Currently the data structure consists of a single galaxy that contains a hashmap with solarsystems and its identifiers(keys). Every solarsystem consists of Astronomical Objects with completely incorrect distances to each other. After a post from "philfrei" who pointed me at "Bode's Law" i will probably do some research on this but for kow i want to extend the data structure.
What I did first was to instroduce the Universe, a data structure that contains galaxies. For this i had to rewrite the cascading data structure and i found that i could manage the data much better if i would have every planet, solarsystem and so on in the universe and just use the identifiers(keys) for reference in solarsystems and galaxies.

After this, i will start introducing some actual gameplay, currently placing structures on planets.

Will further update, but no nice screenshots for now.

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